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Dr. Nathalie Garçon

Dr. Nathalie Garçon

Vice President and Head of Global Adjuvant and Technologies

Nathalie Garçon, PharmD, PhD: Nathalie Garçon is Vice President and Head of Global Adjuvant and Technologies Innovation Centers at GSK vaccines. Following the successful completion of two PhDs, one in biological pharmacy and the other in immunotoxicology and immunopharmacology, Dr. Garçon moved to the UK for 1 year as a postdoctoral research fellow at the Royal Free Hospital in London, undertaking research on liposomes in vaccines.

She then moved to the USA where she spent 4 years at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, first as a postdoctoral research fellow, then as assistant professor, working on vaccine delivery systems and immunopotentiators.

Dr. Garçon joined SmithKline Beecham Biologicals, now GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals,  in 1990, where she set up and led the vaccine adjuvant and formulation group. She moved from this position, to Head of Technologies, Head of Research, Head of Global Research and North America RD; and Head of the Global Adjuvants and Delivery Systems Center for Vaccines. In her last position within GSK Vaccines as Head of Adjuvants and Technologies Innovation Centers, she provides leadership within GSK Biologicals in the fields of new vaccines technologies, from discovery to registration and commercialization. Dr. Garçon has recently joined Bioaster, the French technology research institute for infectiology and microbiology as Chief Scientific Officer. In this role, Dr. Garcon directs the scientific aspect of the institute with the objective of accelerating the access to new technologies for infectious diseases that patients can benefit from. Dr. Garçon’s expertise in vaccinology extends from research to manufacturing, in particular immunology, adjuvant and formulation technologies, analytical methods, animal experimentation and toxicology/safety evaluation and testing. She has authored over 40 papers and book chapters, and holds more than 200 patents.

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